Research-Grade Plasmid DNA

High-quality research-grade plasmid DNA to meet the needs of emerging biotechs & research-stage programs

We manufacture our research-grade plasmids leveraging equipment and processes scalable to GMP. Our facility allows us the flexibility to offer small to large scale RUO production at speed, meeting the needs of emerging biotechs & research-stage programs.


  • Robust process optimization to achieve desired critical quality attributes while maximizing yield
  • Transformation, strain selection, clone selection, and growth conditions optimization (shake flask & Ambr250®)
  • 5L & 30L fermenters for production
  • Chromatographic purification optimization (ÄKTA™ Explorer & Avant)
  • Research cell bank generation
  • Product characterization and QC release testing
  • Research-grade plasmid report

Plasmid Cell Banking Release Assays:

Akron Plasmid Cell Bank Release Assays

Plasmid DNA QC Assays:

Akron Plasmid DNA QC