Driving Innovation & Lowering Cost of Goods through Improved Customer Management

At Akron, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is more than just a database; it’s an adaptive framework that informs our developments and iterates based on our clients’ needs, just like our Quality Management System (QMS). The ideal CRM process focuses on the interactions between a business and its customers, with the principal goals of simplifying processes and providing solutions for day-to-day challenges. Below, we delve into the key attributes of Akron’s CRM.

Market Intelligence

Gaining insight from our customer base allows for the improvement and expansion of our product portfolio. Our routine interactions with clients often involve deep discussions of their path to market, including scale up plans and regulatory hurdles, allowing for an unparalleled view of the challenges faced. For instance, the increasing move towards allogeneic immunotherapies has led to a growing interest in safer, long-term cryopreservation medias, motivating us to further develop our DMSO-free CryoNovo product line. CryoNovo A19, the newest formulation under development, is undergoing animal studies with to support injectable use, excipient grade DMF classification.

Forecasting and Volume Purchases

As a supplier in the regenerative medicine market where therapeutic pricing and reimbursement are critical, one of our main focuses is reducing our cost of goods and passing those savings onto our customers. A fundamental way that customers can reduce these costs is by sharing their rolling forecast needs and purchasing in bulk. Just like any other manufacturing process, economies of scale are best served when production runs can be scheduled to accommodate multiple customers’ needs and timelines. We offer volume-based discounts for contract and bulk orders, with staggered shipping and invoicing schedules, as we understand that both storage space and budgets can be tight. Having a ‘heads up’ via forecasts and blanket orders from our regular customers is essential for the planning of large/recurring orders and ensuring that stock is available when needed.

Streamlined Procurement

Streamlining the interdepartmental purchasing process is an essential part of a smooth supply chain. Whether your company requires drop shipments to your contract manufacturing organization (CMO) or staggered shipments to multiple sites around the world, we simply request that all lines of communication remain clear. Over the years, we have found that channeling purchasing and correspondence through a single point of contact can help to avoid duplicate orders, increased costs, and wasted product. Furthermore, consolidation of company-wide product volumes under one PO whenever possible often allows the customer to gain access to higher discount tiers, multiple product discounts and shorter delivery timelines.

We strive to provide the highest quality and consistency in all aspects of our work and being cognizant of these critical aspects allows us to better support the needs of our potential and current customers. Should you have any questions regarding our products and services, please reach out to sales@akronbiotech.com to be put in contact with the appropriate account representative.