Going Green, the Akron Way

One Tree Planted

One small act can change the world, which is why we at Akron Biotech began our work with One Tree Planted in 2018. The mission behind One Tree Planted is simple: While the problems around climate change and deforestation are vast, planting a tree is something anyone can do. The non-profit is committed to planting trees in countries around the world at the cost of a dollar per tree.

Our motto—Together We Cure™—extends to the world around us, so over the last few years, we have turned to social media, exchanging likes/comments/retweets for trees. It’s a way to rebuild through connection, something that resonates now more than ever.

When you see a natural disaster in the headlines, One Tree Planted is already on the ground, speaking with experts and figuring out the best way to restore the landscape. Quite literally, their work ensures that trees—life—sprout up from the ashes. Over the years, we have donated 2,000+ trees to restoring the Amazon rainforest, combating the wildfires in California, and rebuilding after last year’s devastating wildfires in Australia.

“It is our obligation to bring cures for unmet medical needs in the most responsible manner we can,” said Akron Biotech CEO Dr. Claudia Zylberberg. “Our commitment goes beyond patients—and extends to the planet, our home for generations to come. We at Akron are committed to helping bring more oxygen and clean air to our world. We continue to make our green contribution, the Akron way.”

Updated: In May 2021, Akron Biotech donated 1,000 trees to British Columbia, bringing our total contribution to over 3,000 trees around the globe.

Together, we can build a better world. Together we cure.™